Q. How do senior managers, as well as their professionals and entire companies, sustain excellent reputations?
A . Executive Coaching: by carrying out improvement projects that drive corporate, group and individual development.

My guidance emphasizes personal transformation, teambuilding and organizational learning. Grimes Consulting Group > Insights @ Work.
I am a senior management consultant in private practice. For more than 25 years, I have served prestigious clients mostly throughout New York City and surrounding counties. I address the need of business professionals to accelerate their personal development - at the same time as they also learn to plan and direct strategic initiatives. I emphasize Coaching-By-Objectives, a proprietary process.

The result of such Integral Learning directly benefits organizational managers, their staff and interdependent peers, as well as enhances credibility with key external stakeholders. My efforts specifically address opportunities in three areas of growth. Drawing on a range of accomplishments, I provide reputation-building strategies under these headings: Personal Best, Interpersonal Best, and Organizational Best. Read more...