Enlightened Capitalist™
In addition to chief-level projects and advisory responsibilities, a growing portion of my practice is extending into that field of leadership development which is concerned with issues such as corporate citizenship, social responsibility and the now popular "triple bottom line." Managers on the Sustainability journey welcome guidance. Relying on extensive fieldwork and optimism about an emerging breed of innovators, our consultations are branching out. I am now engaging intrapreneurs –as groups and individuals, who are resolved to build a reputation for themselves as so-called Green capitalists. Such enlightened executives consciously and continuously expand their repertoire. Margaret Mead's view of such thought leadership still rings true: "Never doubt", she said, "that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world...Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." When backed up by compelling 360/720 degree survey data, I have helped leaders to decisively make "changes they believed in" over the long haul.

In many ways, corporate value systems are shifting because managers are engaging professionals to guide their decisions and further integrate development. Read more...

If your objectives call for a shift From the actual but disappointing > To the desired and plausible, then

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