Q. How do senior managers, as well as their professionals and entire companies, sustain excellent reputations?
A . Executive Coaching: by carrying out improvement projects that drive corporate, group and individual development.

My guidance emphasizes personal transformation, teambuilding and organizational learning. Grimes Consulting Group > Insights @ Work.
I am a senior management consultant in private practice. For more than 25 years, I have served prestigious clients mostly throughout New York City and surrounding counties. I address the need of business professionals to accelerate their personal development - at the same time as they also learn to plan and direct strategic initiatives. I emphasize Coaching-By-Objectives, a proprietary process.

The result of such Integral Learning directly benefits organizational managers, their staff and interdependent peers, as well as enhances credibility with key external stakeholders. My efforts specifically address opportunities in three areas of growth. Drawing on a range of accomplishments, I provide reputation-building strategies under these headings: Personal Best, Interpersonal Best, and Organizational Best. As a trusted advisor, I have personally been relied on for:

SERVICE         >>       PURPOSE
1. One-to-one coaching and counseling
>> For the achievement of exceptional results and profitable relationships
2. Designing customized learning events
>> For policymaking groups and conferences
3. Delivering advanced presentation and communication training
>> For VIPs, to initiate change front-loaded for success
4. Redesigning roles and reporting structures
>> For vertical alignment and lateral workflow
5. Creating Executive Dashboards
>> For monitoring the metrics of productivity and operating processes
6. Developing Talent Assurance Programs (TAP)
>> For appraising potential, performance and management pipelines
7. Conducting 720-degree surveys, 360-degree assessments and diagnostic audits
>> For priority setting
8. Delivering briefings simulations and interactive presentations
>> For exploring the effectiveness of managerial practices and business models
9. Career counseling, stress management
>> For minimizing time between executive jobs
10. On-Boarding new leaders and newly launched task forces
>> For optimization of their first 100 day

In all such instances, the outcomes reflect measurable shifts from uneven or “adequate” effectiveness to extraordinary levels of mastery – from good to great performance.

If you'd like to know more about our services and possible offerings, please contact me.